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Soul Sanctuary offers one and two-day retreats at various times
throughout the year. Located in the scenic and tranquil grounds of Center of Renewal in Lewiston, NY, we provide a healing place for participants to disconnect from the stressors of their everyday lives, and to reconnect to their higher selves. The grounds include a labyrinth, walking trails, a pottery studio and our facilitators guide each participant on a personal journey to recognize and utilize their creative power. All food, beverage, educational materials and accommodations are supplied to allow each participant to fully engage and enjoy this enlightening experience.

Life coaching

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“I truly am happy for the opportunity to have had Soul Sanctuary WNY as my Life Coach. This service was perfect.” ~ Bethany Wolcott, Lockport

Hello fellow traveler!  If it is clarity and guidance you are seeking in your current situation, Soul Sanctuary can provide you with necessary and personalized tools to help you get on your way.  We offer a safe harbor in each coaching session to assist you to take your best step forward towards personal empowerment in all life areas.  Your welcome consultation runs 1.5 hours for $75 and subsequent sessions are a $50 investment for your future success.  There are no messy bonds that are too tight to untangle, and in the words of FDR: "When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on."


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Our workshops cover various life topics and can run 2 hours leading up to full day (6 hour) duration. These interactive sessions provide the education and hands-on learning necessary for each participant to take home to implement. Our simple tools are designed to be utilized in your everyday living, not just during the workshop.. A myriad of topics are offered to balance the life areas of our clients including love and relationships, money and prosperity, health and wellness, how to discover your life purpose, stress management, and overall abundance.

Our Facilitators guide you to energize your personal power, engage your source potential to accomplish your goals, and elevate your satisfaction with daily living. At Soul Sanctuary we recognize all of the trials and tribulations that society imposes on us; therefore we act to bridge the gap between your ego which helps you navigate in this world, and your spirit or higher self to allow you to make the best and balanced choice for you to thrive and succeed in all you set out to accomplish.

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Since ancient times our society has understood the power, significance and energy relating to numbers and each ones’ individual patterns. By working with a Certified Numerologist your in-depth chart can guide you on your journey and help you apply your gifts and purpose to your own life. Contact Lynette Angus now to decipher your highest potential through your own personal numbers. Become inspired and allow clarity to guide your next successful step forward!

Space Clearing

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“I saw a clip on YouTube that said baby boomers need to get rid of their stuff. They are learning their kids don't want it and often don't have room for it. So it's not just hoarders who benefit from your service, people who are downsizing or don't know what to do with family heirlooms need it too. At any rate, I'm happy you offer this service and you have motivated me to get going with getting rid of clutter; otherwise I’d still be frozen in it. Thank you, Rhonda!” ~ Kathy Ziemer, Lewiston.

Is your home, bedroom and/or office draining you of the energy required to authentically create that which is meaningful to you? When we invite purposeful order to our spaces, mental chaos gets swept away with the dust bunnies! We always accomplish from the inside out. Your $99 investment includes your initial 2 hour on-site session, and subsequent sessions are $49.  Allow Clutter Coach Rhonda Bartholomew to de-clutter your domain and inspire your joyful state of living and working today!

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Sacred Circles

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Now more than ever women crave connection, creativity and compassion in their everyday living. We believe the best way to fulfill this desire is to secure a space for those who wish to connect with their spiritual source. Scheduled on New Moon and Full Moon calendar evenings throughout the summer and early fall, Soul Sanctuary is honored to offer these times for women to gather together to laugh, love and embrace their sacred self. Women of like mind also attend to support you on your path.