Who We are

OUR MISSION at Soul Sanctuary is to energize your personal power, engage your potential for success and elevate your satisfaction with daily living. We provide a safe harbor to simplify your journey to self empowerment. We welcome all fellow travelers, and provide the necessary tools designed to guide you on your way to effective and lasting change. Thank you for considering our services at Soul Sanctuary.


Lynette M. Angus, LCSW-R

I am a licensed psychotherapist, life coach, certified numerologist, certified law of attraction practitioner, and retreat/workshop facilitator.

Like most people, I had no idea what I wanted to be at 18, nor did I have the resources, education or experiences to do the work I currently enjoy. I had no idea about which path would lead me to where I am today, or that every experience I had, good and bad, would give me the skills and desire to be where I am now. I did not know that working as an administrative assistant straight out of school and then drifting through public relations and human resources would eventually hone some skills and lead me where I am today. I had no idea that I would start my University studies at the age of 49. What I do know is that I got much more out of the experience at 49 than I would have at 18.

I also know that there are plenty more twists and turns to expect throughout my journey which will lead me to places I have no idea about now ... and that is exciting! To reach our full potential we must experience life one day at a time and take in every nuance that is thrown our way with gratitude. It will take us on a voyage of self discovery, if we allow it.

We would be privileged to assist you as you navigate through conditions meant for your growth and fulfillment.

Rhonda Bartholomew, Heal Your Life Coach, Workshop Leader & Metaphysical Teacher

As a Life Coach and workshop facilitator, my greatest joy is witnessing a mental and/or emotional shift in perception my clients can experience.

My journey in this work truly began when I married my husband, subsequently married into a blended family and for a short time life was perfect. I held successful employment, enjoyed freelance writing, and alongside his beautiful children, we welcomed our son into the world in 2006. My vision for where I thought my life was headed turned about face 360 degrees, and the more I tried to maintain order the more disorderly my life became. It wasn’t until the act of complete surrender that I began and completed my course studies to become a licensed professional, and subsequently utilizing skills and tools I gleaned from my mother who was my first and most significant spiritual teacher.

Since 2014, I have led group participation workshops, organized and facilitated one and two-day retreats, hold monthly feminine sacred circles and am pleased to offer personalized coaching sessions including couples relationship coaching and family therapeutics. The mission of my work at Soul Sanctuary is to teach clients how to gain clarity for where they wish to go while practicing self-love and compassion.

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