Discern With Spirit

The topic of discernment has circuitously crossed my path and throughout this time of ubiquitous information terrorism, the ability to judge well is a grand skill we can polish up on.  In days gone by, my son and I loved to peruse Fables by sagacious Arnold Lobel, where the baboon’s blunder in blindly following the crowd was emphasized; Advice is like the weather.  Some of it is good, some of it is bad.” 

My brother, a nuclear engineer employed at Ontario Power Generation, discussed over Easter vacation his disbelief at the number of newly hired employees sorely lacking basic critical awareness when deciphering data to utilize in their corporate reports.  My husband was just shaking his head at the misinformation perpetuated throughout his online fishing forum, originally designed to dispense instruction to new fishermen. “It seems almost always the first people to respond to any new question are either flat out wrong or you can tell by the writing on the wall that they are inexperienced themselves.”  Then the experts will quietly pipe in to mop up the incorrect advice the eager newbies posited. 

I’m not advising not to heed your best friend’s advice during a calamity.  But before I buy that book or purchase that item or respond to that article, I ask myself, “Is the proof in the pudding?” Does this person walk and talk from their own clout, learn from their own failings and does their own understanding currently serve them well?  I remember being asked to sell a health product (which I agreed to do in my less-discerning days!) by a person of whom my gut kept inwardly repeating, “If this product is so great-why does so and so (the saleswoman) appear out of shape and unkempt?  Nothing takes the place of your good ole’ gut that NEVER steers you wrong!  We are blessed with that still small voice inside that either whispers or belts out loud when a course of action isn’t beneficial and may perhaps damage us all the while appearing wise to others.  Our success in overtaking these dismal detours depends on the filters we place on our own guidance system.  Our ability to hear what isn’t spoken determines our peace of mind when we find the courage within to follow it.

“What you are shouts so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”  Emerson



Rhonda Bartholomew