Declutter to Make Room For Plenty

“Aprils have never meant much to me, autumns seem that season of beginning…”  Breakfast at Tiffany’s

If you’re like me, cords of vexation gift wrap your mind as you weave throughout the store’s Christmas kitsch in search of your Halloween fixings, and you can’t help but ponder how to transform your upcoming holidays into a horn of plenty shared with family and friends.  A recent study introduced the term, ‘Work Guilt’ which indicates our culture’s anxiety of feeling it is career appropriate, even during the hectic holiday season, to stay after hours alongside co-workers you must tolerate over gathering around the table with loved ones-essentially a free activity as you have to eat anyway!

“Please understand,” you may silently argue; “I need to work over-time to pay for the holiday dinners, the family outings when we do get together and of course more baubles society imposes upon me to buy.”

Fall is upon us in full swing-a season to declutter and redesign your home before pulling out the garland.  This is a great time to open your day planner, scan over the months ahead and actually write down important to-do’s such as:

Friday:  Bake and decorate cookies with Noah and gift them to the neighbors

Saturday:  Take kids sledding-bring thermoses of hot cocoa

Sunday:  Play games and puzzle making with cookies and milk. 

Monday:  Make up food plan for Friday’s family dinner-relax and unwind

Tuesday:  Take family for winter walk outside and treat them to lunch

Wednesday:  Invite friends over wine to craft handmade greeting cards

Thursday:  Help Grandpa decorate his living room and stay to chat

Friday:  Make popcorn garland while watching Christmas movies

If you don’t pencil it in consciously, something unconscious and unpleasant can take its place.  Sometimes it’s having the courage to be kind to yourself by keeping the home fires burning while making precious time for your soul.

A fellow friend of mine continues a great family tradition of bestowing 3 gifts per person on Christmas, but fills the days leading up to the big event engaging in various lively events-both ordinary and extraordinary to inspire the real wonder and magic of the season.

So as you prepare room on your table for your holiday décor, make room in your calendar ahead of the craziness to unplug and engage with your tribe-your loving appreciation will be felt by all-giving them the best you have to offer without the bow attached.

Rhonda Bartholomew